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MicroMARE is proudly powered by the TinyMARE codebase Combat VersionMore information about the tinymare codebase will be added in the future however there is a link to the public release. Note this does not have all the features found in the Combat Version however it is a good base for a text adventure that does not require combat.

TinyMARE Featurelist:

  • Weather System: full global weather system with season changes, can be set on Zones and rooms specifically to override global weather. This gives a greater depth to the gameplay by having simulated weather with messages that play over time.
  • Mapping feature:  feature allows GameMaster to make ansi maps in conjunction with @compass Attribute allows player to see current location on a small sized ansi map that you create.
  • Day/Night: with capability to auto change descriptions and colors on day night change. also triggers asunset/asunrise attributes.
  • Moonphases: part of weather system moon phases change over time. also triggers amoon attribute.
  • Ansi Colors: supports basic 16 ansi colors (really 15, 0 and 7 are both gray)
  • Ansi "animation": Display rich "graphical" maps and other uses.
  • Player bitmaps: to track progress, town visits, any number of other things.
  • Explore bitmap: special bitmap set on rooms that automatically set on players to track and display percentage of world explored.
  • Town Bitmaps: Automatically set when player enters zone a town is linked to for tracking of which town has been visited.
  • Captions: displays  on players/objects after name to increase immersion.
  • Plants: Plants grow if set on the room in a zone allows plants. players can "pick" plants
  • Items/Equipment: Special "objects" in the game that can do many things. Weapons, player/enemy gear, magic (or technology) items, food, fish, ect.
  • Item/Equipment Types: Type determines how item/equipment acts. Special 'item' command displays different information on item depending on Type.
  • Zone Controlled Environments: Space, Underwater, if plants can grow there base temprature range.
  • Races/families: Races that players may select on first connect with various bonuses. Race/Family can also be used in combat equations and with softcode.
  • Conditions: effect rooms/players. Examples such as: Campfire (messages automatically display and room is healing), Flooded (unless special conditions or family protection water damage will be taken), Poisoned (hit points reduce over time), Picked (automatically set and removed later by hardcode on room which a plant has been picked), 
  • Configurable gametime: Gametime can show year of game in weather display starting at 1 or year 10,000 or any number increasing automatically by increment of 1 by each year the MARE is running.
  • Game Configuration Other: Many configuriation changes that can be made to game, delay of atime, commands players can execute, if players can use the home or @teleport commands, if players can build without special powers, name of currency, weight of currency, carry weight ratio and may other settings.
  • Level Quest System: set bitmaps and show progress on quests that can be displayed by players.
  • search: search objects by an asearch attribute or in rooms where treasures can awarded automatically if set on the room or zone.
  • Status Bar: If client supports full ansi animation a small status bar can be displayed on top of screen.
  • Elemental Damage Tyles: damage can be dealt or protected against, water, fire, ice ect in combat, displays color and text descriptive damage.
  • Party System: Allows several players to follow 1 player and share kill experience.
  • Easy Building and SoftCoding: creating areas npcs or enemies is a simple thing that requires basic easily learnable softcode.
Download TinyMARE Public Release 1.0.10340