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Development Roadmap

Here we'll lay out some of our broad plans for the future of MicroMARE.

Immediate Future 1-6 Months

  1. Adding quests to all existing areas.
  2. Add Sector Specific Weather to zones.
  3. Add Sector (enviroment type) to all 15 "Towns") and associated areas.
  4. Adding Profession Joining and continue to flush out Professions Specialties.
  5. Continue repairs to broken areas including: Shuttle Station, Exits into or out of Objects (MARE/MUSE code conflict destroyed all such exits that existed in MicroMUSE), any "Pseudo Exits" that conflict with MARE hardcode, anything not found yet that is broken. 
  6. Continue upgrades to areas that can be upgraded including: Chocolate Factory, Oz, MicroMUSE Phantasy, Puzzle Place, University, Various Stellar Body surfaces, MUSE/MARE tutorial, Main Transport Lobby, Dining Areas, anythign not identified yet.
  7. Attempts to restore more of Caspian's functionality.
  8. Add more food items.
  9. Add more clothing/equipment.

Distant Future 6 months to years

  1. Add new areas, with focus on extra solar locations.
  2. Move all code that resides in v registers to defined attributes.
  3. Make corps pay project creators assuming corps can profit.
  4. Add more atmosphere areas "Sky zones" like ccii sky. Technically landing launching from planets should require transit through an atmosphere. This may damage shuttles as they transit down.
  5. Make all planetary bodies have a "circular" shape with interlink exits.
  6. Full rewrite of Caspian using new code.
  7. Repair of Space.c which made old space function.


These are things that were on the dev-roadmap were removed and never end up on the Changelog. These are things that were abandoned, reworked, or reassigned priority over 5 years.

Space: Space was removed from the dev-roadmap because we beleive space.c can be restored at a cost, this will bring full functions space and most starships back into the fold (new ships will need to be upgraded to handle old space).