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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micromare?

 MicroMARE is an attempt to preserve all the work that went into createing MicroMUSE and restore it to a functioning and usable state. Becasue MicroMUSE was abandoned for the most part many ears ago and lost all their users it has gone without any upgrades. Using the MARE Engine we have transfered the MicroMUSE database onto an upgarded codebase. Sadly we lost the fully functioning Space.C in the transfer.

What is the cost?

MicroMUSE was always provided free of chage, we plan on continuing that tradition by keeping MicroMARE free of charge. We will accept donations to offset the expense of operating MicroMARE and upgrades to the code, however we will never charge a fee to connect no are we looking to put any monitization on MicroMARE proper.

How can I build a project?

Currently Building is not restricted but that is likely to change. If building is restricted or not projects must be owned by a Project charcater who will own all the objects the project contains. There are several reasons for projets being owned by a seperate charcater. 1st often projects will need powers above and beyond what "normal players" have. 2nd it helps to seperate the project and makes finding all the associated peices of the project much easier.

Can I be an Administrator?

Currently MicroMARE has no formal proecss for requesting to become an adminstrator. This may change however and if it does we will bring an administrator signup form onto the website.

What about space?

MicroMUSE had a very detailed space in which almost orbital mechanics were taken into account and the "universe" such as it were moves, every object in space updated and moved based on specific heading directions and velocities. Sadly our conversion was not able to move Space.C over so our space currently is very very limited. 

Anymore questions?

Please use the Contact Form to submit any questions you have that are not covered in the FAQ, questions asked often will be added here.