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MicroMUSE 2.0 aka MicroMARE

MicroMUSE is a very old game from way back in the day, we have acquired the original MicroMUSE database with permission from Moulton to move it to a newer more stable code base called MARE. While the conversion in most parts took very well we got a 50% compression rate on the DB and most objects survived intact, we totally lost Space.c so space is almost completely dysfunctional in that it no longer moves. Planets and objects no longer orbit, and ships are dead and parked. (they were parked for decades BEFORE the conversion) several test ships are out in space now testing new space but.. I'm not astrophysicist nor ultra coder so. However if you stumble out the SPACE door in CCII space will obligingly put your 3d coords on you, just before it kills you. It's space, and nobody can get any spacesuits yet. So it works like that at least

DB Highlights are:

  • Over 15 Sol Solar system destinations with areas.
  • Several Surfaces of moons/planets.
  • Several Starships (though space is currently only semi-functional, the old space did not survive the upgrade it needs reworked) Currently Starships are offline besides admin testing.
  • Other systems which will be developed further(i think there are 3 so far, however hyperspace is down and you'd have to leave sol's gravity well first which is next to impossible right now.)

-Sol System which contains all the planets and moons Though this was 1 room it is technically now 10 rooms and will become either thousands, millions, or billions (yes I have the capability of putting some 4 billion rooms in 1 room). Depending on how space is reworked. Much like real space chances of passing by a ship or planet, unless you actively TRY to pass it will be nearly impossible.

Other Game Hardcode/Softcode Features:

  • search, where implemented typing search in the room your are in, or search obj and may find treasures.
  • plants 120 currently I think (including wood, food, flowers, noxious plants) (that grow in various areas and can be acquired by typing "pick" areas limited but more adding)
  • Minerals will be able to acquired by mining (mining is down right now, under a rewrite) in certain locations
  •  We have the entire periodic table of elements currently. Moon Rocks and Meteorites were just added, other material items may be added later.
  • Fishing with 24 different fish installed, another 20 I think are nearly ready to add (in hostile areas fishing may summon a sea monster randomly, i currently have that that feature disable in fishing code and have not decided if it will be enabled on hostile planets.)
  • Conditions: various hardcode conditions that can have negative or positive effects. Such as Spacesuit condition protects from space. Where condition poisoned has a DOT effect. Condition Underwater allows you to swim underwater without damage Condition Numb negates your physical defense (puts it to 0). There are over 340 various conditions which can effect rooms, players, enemies, npcs that are coded into MARE. We just added a new one not fully coded. Irritated which will go with the soon to be implemented Radiation "elemental" type damage.
  • Elemental Damage Types (some of the default elements need changed, and we plan on adding some) such as; Water, Fire, Lightning, Acid, Wind, Earth, Void, a few others don't fit theme.
  • Food/Drink While you don't get thirsty, hunger is a thing. The eat command is more a aesthetic and RP aspect than a requirement, you won't die without eating (for now.. maybe never) but you won't regenerate damage. Drink command is just so you don't have to "use booze" to get drunk, or coffee to sober up. 
  • Various other item types, textbooks, repair parts, antiques, tools, ect. (all being implemented and expanded)
  • Equipment like pressure suits, rocket packs, scuba gear, other equipment being added and implemented as needed.
  • Explored bitmap: A built in game feature as you enter a room it marks the room off on your "explored bitmaps" currently the "explored world" contains 600 bits- rooms to explore.. as I refurbish areas that number will increase.
  • Towns bitmap: This automatically sets when you enter a new town area, currently 15 locations.
  • Caspian the Robot an actual c code robot that runs on the game. Currently his functions are limited as we update his code to deal with the upgrade from MUSE to MARE. He talks on the robot com channel in game and will give you money (once in a while) he'll answer simple questions, he'll tell you what he knows about a player. When he's fully functional he'll answer pages, come to you (if you're in an area he can get to, he can't leave the station) or give you directions to anywhere he's been to from where you are assuming he's been to where you are. But as I said, his mapping, moving and paging features are currently offline. 
  • Interactive environments. Space (space itself, moon surfaces, destroyed ships) all deadly with out a space suit. Hostile Planets, varying surface temperatures, generic pressure suit that protects from space will not from these. Sky, well if you're not flying, you're falling and it hurts. Rocket packs available, or ride on the blimp. Underwater, you need scuba gear or you incur damage from being underwater.
  • CCII Sky. You can ride our blimp, use a rocket pack or another means to move around in the CCII sky which contains some 700 or so rooms, you can only see things in the sector/arc/altitude location you are in. There might be sky on on Saturn, I haven't checked it out. There are indications though and other skies may be added in the future.
  • CCII Computer. Interactive computer available in the section/arcs of ccii can : give directory of CCII, Display a small map with legend showing location of some areas, directions to any sec-arc and hail a MicroTaxi (which can take you to various destinations).  More commands may be added as I find useful ones.

Note on Maps as just mentioned them, MARE has the capability to display very pretty ANSI maps which show where you are in the world if that area is mappable. Sadly these maps have to be built and there are only a few that could be converted into files even in a beta form, the rest would need to be made from scratch. Then the map coords need to be added to the rooms. However MARE can display pretty maps and they are planned. Though only bases, stations, and ships will ever be mapped (maybe locations on terra), if we ever install maps.


These are currently being implemented as soon as they can be. Original Micromuse had many places that were actually quests or games already, however they do not have the coding to give rewards or set your progress with the upgrade yet. This will be the main means of gaining experience if you just want to play the game. There is actually one fantasy based area, so there will be a very mini-fantasy based combat game area here as well.

@list quests in game will give you a list of quests. @list quest=lv lists quests at that lv and gives details. 

quests command will show list of quests you have completed.

Additionally we have started an extra softcode tracking to some of our quests to see the time/player and # of completion on some of our quests.

Quests Rehabed and Open for Testing.

  • Milliway's The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. (10 step quest) -Additional quest added after completion.
  • Wilsey Lake. Fishing, diving, plants and worm searching. Quest is under the water.

New side extra quests added:

  •  Acquire ATM Card 
  • Ride CCII Blimp  
  • Tutorial Location Quest 
  • Tourguide 

Planned in the near future:

Oz, Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Voyage, and Narnai though I've not even looked at those areas.

MicroMUSEPhantasy the fantasy game section I mentioned. There are over 120 rooms in the area so rehabing it will take some time. As there are at least 30 more exits need to be added (they were using fake exits, which MARE does not like) at least, enemies, then bitmaps for the quest tracking and any code fixes need added this will take some time.

Off Station quests (multiple quests I don't want to detail are planned for off CCII locations)

All these locations exist in one form or another however they needed cleaned up sometimes coded added and rewards added.

Professions: (called guilds, i doubt I'm changing the hardcode)

Under VERY beta development but there's specific profession paths you can take some, will lead to future professions to be implemented. Only certain professions will be able to do certain things. Say work on a ship engine will be engineering only.

Current List:

  •   0:  Citizen
  •   1: Merchant
  •   2: Repair-Tech
  •   3: Navigation
  •   4: Engineering
  •   5: Science
  •   6: Medical
  •   7: Combat
  •   8: Prospector
  •   9: Mercenary

More will likely be added as deemed necessary.


Everyone wants know about the Credits.... right now current big money is going to be from quests till I get other things in place, there will be other things like a recycler for found items that will give you a portion of item value.

Near future economy:

This is very beta but planned out. Space is big, it is full of resources. We have minerals already, and other things. You can buddy up with your friends and commission a ship, unless you're really rich... You can come up for a description for any room you find without one and the Admin will pay you, certain restrictions apply inquire for details. (though there are not many of those I do find a few here and there). 

There will be things like mining, fishing, plant collecting and other ways to raise cash (some of these features exist just not the sale end to get rid of your items). Your profession will also pay you based on profession tasks (when professions are finalized), either on board a ship or as general duty. 

For example you could be the engineer for Jellyfish base which I think orbits Jupiter, and when you log in do a task that will reward you pay. On a ship it would deduct from the ship's account, however since currently Jellyfish is in possession of Admin, the Admin will pay it. 

You could create an item (a bit of clothing, a food item, ect) and the admin can set up a vending machine where you would get the majority cut of the proceeds from selling such clothing item. (vending machines of items/clothing/equipment have to be admin owned to work)

Combat: Combat will be limited. However you can fight. Though very likely engaging in battle in CCII proper will have you dealing with nasty security bot that will kill you or toss you in the CCII jail, or worse the admin prison out by sag a star. Where you're more than welcome to leave, but.. the exit leads to Sag-A* and.. well it's in space.. and a wicked gravity well.. it'll be a bad day.

While combat will be permitted in certain areas. Combat may not always the answer.. might be you THINK combat is the right answer but it will end you. Of course that will be part of the game won't it? Sometimes you think knocking out that belligerent will be the right answer, and soon as you do his 4 buddies will show up and show you the error of your choice. Or maybe not, maybe the belligerent has to be bonked on the head. The situation will vary and you'll have to make the right choice at times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                That's it. Wall of Text ended if you made it this far thanks for reading hope to see you in game soon.