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Micromare who list

2022/05/22 Changelog

-Carry Weight was adjusted to aleviate some low level carry weight issues.

-"Game Date" advanced to 2300s. 1/1/2300 is the creation date of MicroMUSE

  (approx 1992 Real Time) typing weather will show the current date.

-Function Recursion Limit Increased (relevant change for coders only)

Todolist Items Cleared


Mining_Install...........Added-May 12 2022 by-Ard: Mining tests for upgrading

mining dig tracking have been a resounding success mining is currently in

redesign. - Update-May 15 2022 by-newbie: All tests completed upgrade of mining

will be an ongoing concern. It appears to be fully functional therefore

eligible for completion. - May 15 2022


VI_Support...............Added-Mar 30 2022 by-Ard: Defed RCP to hold

visual_imapaired attr. New Chars/Guests need to be given ability to set attr on

connect. Created VI_Discriptor Parent(#2933) which will hold a switch on @desc

which will allow showing based on vi status (creation ongoing see parent for

details). Added visimpair() to uzo will get v#, visual_impaired status. All

ascii art descs should be transitioned to vi parent. - Update-Apr 13 2022

by-Ard: Added visimp() to extra function combat parent (therefore UZO). - May

18 2022


Tourguide................Added-May 12 2022 by-Ard: Tourguide tours are almost

fully refurbished. Rewards need added to tours and testing needs run. -

Update-May 15 2022 by-newbie: All three tours have rewards now, and there is a

bonus reward for completing all three activated when you leave Agency after

taking all 3 tours. - May 15 2022


Radiation................Added-May 12 2022 by-Ard: Radiation condition and

damages have been added. Further testing will be ongoing as to protection from

radiation damage and fruther intergration into the overall system. - Update-May

15 2022 by-newbie: Irridiation condition working correctly. Elemental will need

more work. Closed for now. - May 15 2022


Vendor_Rehab.............Added-Apr 08 2022 by-Ard: Vendors around the mare need

to be updated. A parent will be created so it can pay vendor owners as a power

toon will need to own all vending machines going forward. Any food should be

changed to food items. Any things set chown now should be auto chowned to

buyer. - Update-May 12 2022 by-Ard: Vend-O-Matic parent created for now that

will be good enough. Object vendors and pay back item vendors will wait until

there is a demand for said features. - May 12 2022


Fishing..................Added-May 22 2022 by-Ard: Corrected Error where

Fishing was not awarded when purchasing fishing rod. - May 22 2022


Tours....................Added-May 22 2022 by-Ard: Error allowing multiple

awards of Tour Rewards. Correction ongoing. - Update-May 22 2022 by-Ard:

Problem appears corrected. Testing ongoing. - May 22 2022


Wilsey_Lake_upgrade......Added-Apr 12 2022 by-Ard: This area has a nice

"underwater" can be made real, by setting it "underwater" oh trust me.. I don't

make players temp invulnearable (long as their rented airtank lasts) they'll

drown. There's a sub and pirate ship under there to explore and make quests,

will need some rooms added to them. Also can be used with other simulations as

fishing areas. - Update-Apr 23 2022 by-Ard: Added Pirate ship rooms at bottom

of lake, added under lake zone, all rooms down there should be inzone. Dug bait

shop. Need to add variable exits in underwater to expand the rooms. depth sub

plane so plane # is a - number. @notes added to most incomplete objs. -

Update-May 01 2022 by-Ard: Quest fully installed. New lake rooms need

described. Marked as completed. Those can be left for Citizen describing for

credits. - May 01 2022


Sectors..................Added-Apr 14 2022 by-Ard: Once Sector DB is finalized

(Expected by 4/15/2022) all zones will need to be properly zoned. Any space

zones need to be set space, statsions Station, Ships ship. - May 01 2022


Explore_Bits.............Added-Apr 14 2022 by-Ard: Put Explore Bits on rooms.

This should be done in "batches" so main locations can be added first then

alternate locations. like MTL then all secs/arcs in order should be 1st to get

bitmaps. once that's all done. All Luna base, then the surface. Ect until all

bases are completed. - Update-May 01 2022 by-Ard: This will continue to be an

ongoing project. Closing to clear it off todo list. - May 01 2022


New_Fish.................Added-Apr 14 2022 by-Ard: There were fish G had listed

in his helpfile he said I could steal. When added they will need described and

the rest. - May 02 2022


CCII_Weather_Core........Added-Apr 27 2022 by-Ard: Core Appears to have been

Objects, if there were exits in them is unknown, however most objects on the

core list do not exist anymore and the one that does it an exit somewhere, so

core must have been removed log ago. Core Redug with Real rooms, need to be

added to U in skyroom to send to appropriate core, cores need Sky exits put in

them. I might have to examine micro's weather core 0 if it's exits still exist.

- May 13 2022


Cyber_Fun_Park...........Added-Apr 28 2022 by-Ard: Added color, edited the

rides to switch "exit" command to depart. Edited circus enter to reflect actual

number of coded "rings". moved #1343 to plane 10 for redesign. - Update-May 16

2022 by-Ard: Update proceeding need to fix a switch for the final awards.

Update to watch vendor will have to wait, watch will be converted to a

equipment instead of object, wrist type. Then watch, cotton candy and hot dogs

can be sold at the vendor there. - Update-May 18 2022 by-Ard: All rewards

impletmented. Vendor needs fixed. Low priority. Project future project updates

will wait till any bug reports. - May 18 2022


CCII_search..............Added-Apr 29 2022 by-Ard: Added parts for treasure for

searching in CCII Main zone. Rarity added to various parts. - Apr 30 2022