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2022/07/10 Changelog

Updated 7/10/2022

  • Updated Helpfile to have MicroMARE name instead of default.
  • Added guest connect file similiar to first creation file.
  • Modified first create file to inclue impled rules accpetance
  • Modified guilds file to reflect Citizen Guild
  • Modifying Weather system hardcode to add "weather conditions" vacuum
  • Major Updates to Helpfile added several sections previously missing.
  • Updating Zones to have specialized weather

cleared off the todolist

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Algebra_Puzzle...........Added-Jun 21 2022 by-Ard: Installed quests on #10480

and #54326 correctly answering the question will reward and set bitmaps so only

1 reward can be earned. This is beta and changes may have to be made. 

- Jun 26 2022


AG_Puzzle................Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Rewards/bitmap added to AG

Puzzle. Not sure this is working optimumly however for now it's basically what

it was. Testing in progress. Need to figure out Item Reward. - Update-Jun 25

2022 by-Ard: Added Anti-Grav boots as item reward. - Jun 25 2022


Fishing..................Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Wait inside fishing needs

repaired. Fishing also needs a lock added to prevent fishing inside the

underwater aquarium. - Jun 27 2022


VI_Support_Upgrade.......Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Add "VI" bitmap so the VI

attr can be turned on/off but we preserve our VI stats. Add command to

Enable/Disable VI/Screen Reader support. This would turn/off Terse Flag,

set/unset VI attr and any other VI features added later. - Update-Jun 24 2022

by-Ard: Used bitmap 4095 to identify VI players. Created command 'vi support *'

where * is on/off. - Jun 24 2022


Food_Items...............Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Set Chantrate on food items

to 0 and make sure that they are all set quiet. Special food items MAY (not

determined) be exempt from quiet flag as there is special bonuses attached so

they're Item more than Food and should I think show usage. - Jun 26 2022


Update_Aquarium..........Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Update aquarium parent i

created. Add ability to make different @fish though buying bundles at pet

store. add requirment to feed/clean tank over time use sunset moonphase to

track time. maybe Add Sea Monkey item/obj make it random if sea monkeys will

appaer or not. not sure of this should bea seperate object. - Jun 25 2022


Death_Sequence...........Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Fix death sequence. Remove

"affiliation" warning as that was legacy code from UniverseMARE. - Jun 27 2022


First_Connect............Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Seems an unneeded return is

in the first connect, at least for guests. also connect room needs changed to

be locked with an afail which will push players to tutorial zone if they want a

tutorial. - Jun 24 2022


Tutorial_Area............Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Added eventkeys to rooms to

prevent someone dropping items here to collect lots. - Update-Jun 22 2022

by-Ard: Saying rooms needs reworked. it will prompt people to run but not award

if they dont' get it right. it should actually prompt them to type it

correctly. perhaps lock progress until they do. not doing so would allow player

to move forward without having bitmap/exp set. - Update-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard:

This area needs totally rechecked, it's slock. Wizard rank was overrunning the

say lock so i got different results trying it, Needs Fixed. High Priority - Jun

26 2022


Ingame_Helpfile..........Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Changed default ingame

Helpfile header from Winds to MicroMARE. - Jun 22 2022


mtl......................Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Stopped combat from being

able to take place inside the MTL. I may extend the flag to all sec/arcs, i may

not. - Jun 27 2022


caspian_softcode.........Added-Jun 23 2022 by-Ard: Fix paging code so objects

can't page caspian. I set him into a loop trying ot get to dummy - Jun 24 2022


aquarium_parent_upgrade..Added-Jun 25 2022 by-Ard: Aquarium Parent(#12162)

upgrade in progress. added clean and feed timers, testing functions and "timer"

commands to check clean and food levels. Need to add to this, the display case

and fireplace "place" command that will teleport obj into P_owner. also need to

make a @adrop on all so if dropped in room not owned by p_owner teleport back

to them. - Update-Jun 25 2022 by-Ard: Parent completed. features feeding is

handled by giving fish food item to aquarium. Each @amoon it adds 10 dirtieness

to the tank which can be cleaned by clean command removing 10 each time. At 90

dirty your fish die and are removed. Fish have a 10 day supply after each

feeding removing 10 per day. Place command, info command added. Fish bags will

be a seperate todolist item. - Jun 25 2022


reward_parent............Added-Jun 25 2022 by-Ard: error detected. anomolous

space after Virtue award. ! after taskpoint award is green not white as should

be. Consider adding percent G dings to each award point. or potentially at

beginning of reward code once. - Update-Jun 27 2022 by-Ard: fixed consitancy

issues in displays changed . for ! in item rewards. colorings corrected - Jun

27 2022


guest_parent.............Added-Jul 02 2022 by-Ard: still getting assigned to

players in ots - Jul 10 2022