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2022/07/25 Changelog

virtueadd................Added-Jul 10 2022 by-Ard: virtueadd function added,

virtueadd(dbrf,amount) will add to player's virtue amount, accepts negative

numbers to reduce virtue also. example of ues @virtue

player=virtueadd(player,1) will add 1 to player #'s virtue. - Jul 10 2022


CCF......................Added-Jun 22 2022 by-Ard: Charlie Cholocate Factory

upgrade. Lot to do here, several items will need to be made, bitmaps settings

need to be made and reward items need to be created. - Update-Jun 27 2022

by-Ard: created golden ticket item for entrance to ccf. not having ticket

should tel person to bucket house. - Update-Jun 27 2022 by-Ard: Chocolate

tree(#9079eo) needs major upgrade - Update-Jul 17 2022 by-Ard: ccf quests

completed, some post quests rewards not awarding yet, most items not completed.

but main update finished. - Jul 17 2022


vend-o-matic.............Added-Jul 12 2022 by-Ard: Vendo-O-Matic was

inconsistently showing the vi/non-vi menu. Please report any errors showing a

menu type not expcted. - Jul 19 2022


New_Equipment............Added-Jul 12 2022 by-Ard: Imported more equipment from

UniverseMARE backups most need, alot of attrs added. - Jul 12 2022


Custom_Weather...........Added-Jul 12 2022 by-Ard: Luna is partially setup with

weather attributes, inside and outside. should be used as a template for other

weather settings in certain enviroments. - Update-Jul 17 2022 by-Ard: Added

weather to all sector arcs to match old weather conditions. future upgrades may

be adding custom conditions to CCII's weather making weather change from the

core or something. Weather also added to Luna, Wisley lake, polar simulation,

and some added ot rainforest rooms. more to be added later for now this is

closed. - Jul 17 2022


wrist_communicator.......Added-Jul 17 2022 by-Ard: Your wrist communicator

quietly(#34201DV) object that sets off messages. Desk(#1185ho) makes moulton

ann-msg type then tr himself i dunno testing in progress. I found the main

object does the announces it needs to be switched to an atime timer.. -

Update-Jul 22 2022 by-Ard: New wrist communicator object #12765 created to hold

message attrs, CCII Zone(#6570Zv) had Timer Parent added, currnetly 5 min

interval zemits random message. This will likely change. Closed for now. - Jul

22 2022


rain_forest..............Added-Jul 17 2022 by-Ard: needs zone added. for now

weather will be added to rooms, this is not optimal, Zone created - Jul 22 2022


Bait_dealer..............Added-Jun 26 2022 by-Ard: for some reason vendor

parent won't work right on bait dealer - Update-Jul 22 2022 by-Ard: issue

located. appears to be conflicting code between vend-o-matic parent and old

sell fish from dust. For new completely new Bait Dealer deployed. Till it can

be upgraded there will be no repair of rods. - Jul 22 2022